In the town of Apalachicola, Florida, Joshua Sparks begins to notice strange happenings on the evening of his 16th birthday.

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Commissions and schedule

Hey all! I haven't forgotten about canis major. The next page is 70% done -- I've just been working on extra commissions and working 6 day work weeks to get more income.
Look forward to the next page! >:3c

Wow!! So busy

My online girlfriend of 4 years is moving in with me on the 22nd! I'm very excited. However, there's a lot of things going on that are preventing me from updating normally. I'm studying for college -- also trying not to be homeless. The next page is in the working, and i'm very VERY excited for the next chapter B)
Just updating you guys that no, I'm not dead! <3

Small Hiatus

Yo! I'm going on a small hiatus. Even though i only update like twice a month, i'm usually always working on canis major (i'm just a bit slow lol). But!

My girlfriend is coming over to visit from the 18th- 6th of january, so i'll have even less time to work on it. Expect an update probably around the 10th or so

Thanks for reading!

Chapter 3...

Chapter 3 is proving to be kind of tricky. I'm making sketches and ideas for it and it's a chapter that would either make or break canis major's plot. It's VERY ESSENTIAL that i portray this right or the comic will be hard to take seriously. It will either be as dramatic as i want it to be or it will be very anti-climactic and overcooked, which isn't what I want (who would want that?)

I don't always necessarily plan out the chapters. Actually, i never really have, which caused for such a big delay in updates and a lack of... motivation on my end (and this part of the story is so very boring).

My main goal is to flesh out this chapter as much as i can in concepts and then transfer it smoothly into the page instead of dawdling on small details.

I'm not sure when the next comic page will be up, but i am in the process of making the chapter cover art right now. (more Molly in this chapter, i've missed her). Expect the unexpected!


Cheap Painted Commissions!

Kind of tight on money and i'm trying to save for big investments such as a car and insurance. If you know anyone that would be interested please send them my way!


Sorry for not updating consistently! I've been really bent for time lately. I recently got hired at Macy's and the influx of hours is really exhausting me! I'll reassure you though that i'm working on Canis Major whenever i can. Thankfully i only have half days for a while so expect an update soon!

Wow! Gonna be a bit late

Hey! it's gonna be another four days or so before the next update, but i'm just checking base to assure that i'm still working on CM!

Had to get a new tablet because my old one broke (i very dearly thank my friend anya for commissioning me for 70 dollars!!) so that stalled me a bit.

I currently have $10 colored bust commissions open, so if you're interested, check it out here!

Thanks for reading Canis Major, but it hasn't even started yet. just wait... :') <3

Busy, busy busy

Hey! Lots of stuff is going on right now. Going to graduate soon, and my girlfriend is coming over to visit next week! Wrapping up with all my finals, making preparations, etc. It may be a little while between comic pages, but I'll try to be a little more consistent with it after July 3rd. So for now, I'm just planning on working on Canis Major whenever I have the time, and uploading at my own pace. But after the fire dies down, expect a scheduled update!

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